Easy Corn Tortilla Recipe

Saturday, June 22, 2013

     We had been doing well on eating whole foods for quite awhile, but slowly and surely we slipped. Now we're back to trying to do things from scratch and only eat things that are really food that grows from the ground. Not chemicals created in a lab. Did you know red food coloring is made from the shells of beetles? Sounds appetizing doesn't it?

    Cooking from scratch seems more expensive but is actually way cheaper in the grand scheme of things, it also only contains things that you put in there yourself.

 A friend of ours is going gluten free to see if it helps her feel better, they came over for dinner yesterday and Phillip was going to make Fajitas. We usually make them by using store bought flour tortillas. Since flour contains gluten I decided to make corn tortillas from scratch. It was a little bit time consuming but overall it was really easy! Phillip picked up a bag of this stuff at Kroger on his way home:

I think he said this 4lb bag was $2.50. 

The recipe is right here on the bag!
  I just followed the recipe listed on the bag.

 2 cups Torti Masa
 1 1/4 cup water
 1/4 tbs salt

In a large bowl stir together the salt and flour, then add the water to make a dough. I ended up using 2 cups of water because the dough came out crumbly at first.

 After you've made the dough section it out, this amount should make 16 tortillas. Roll each one up and get your skillet warmed up.

 Now you can roll out your tortillas, which is easier said than done! I placed the ball of dough between a ziploc bag and a cutting board so it wouldn't stick to the rolling pin. They're going to look a little wonky but they're still pretty tasty. 

It helps to have someone rolling them out while you're cooking the other ones, this way they don't get the chance to dry out!

 I at first tried putting the dough in the ziploc bag but it just stuck to everything. When transferring this to the griddle I did have to carefully remove them with a spatula or they would fall apart.

  Now you just cook it until it's done! Just brush a little oil on your griddle before placing the tortilla on, if you want them to bubble up pat them with a damp paper towel before you flip them. 

I'm not sure how long they took to cook, I wasn't really paying attention! 

I'm also not sure what the nutrition facts are for this recipe but I can't imagine it would be too terrible! I didn't realize that we had corn tortillas in the cabinet so I decided to check out their ingredients.

 Sodium Propionate (propionic acid, sodium hydroxide)
 Gum Blend
 Sorbic Acid
 Fumaric Acid

Again our ingredients were: corn, salt, water. I think I'll stick with homemade from now on! That bag of flour was $2.50 and I estimate that it will make at least 5 batches of 16 tortillas. The corn tortillas we bought at the store were probably $2.00 for 18. Making them yourself is a much better value!

What things do you make from scratch? Care to share your recipes?

Swimming in Strawberries

Tuesday, June 18, 2013
  This post really is really just an update on what we've been up to. Kind of budget related but not really.
Strawberry season has wrapped up. Think we stocked up enough?

This load was from our last trip to the berry farm.

5 gallon size bags full of frozen strawberries. I tried to stack them on the scale but they kept falling over! I'm estimating it's about 20 pounds.

I also learned to make jam this year! It was pretty easy! We have 8 half pints of strawberry jam in the cupboard. It was a lot of fun to learn and I look forward to using this new skill when blackberries come in season in a few weeks!

 The farm we have been going to charges $1.35/lb for strawberries, this is typically cheaper than the grocery store. They taste so much better since they're so fresh! They aren't really sprayed with any insecticides and shopping there supports local business. Sounds like a win/win situation for everyone!

 We're hoping those strawberries will last until next Spring but I'm not sure they will. We're running out of room in our freezer and it's not even blueberry season yet! I'm going to start scouring Craigslist for a mini freezer to keep our fruit in.

 We went back to Missouri for Memorial Day and brought this contraption back with us. I am pretty excited about it. Here's a really easy recipe for Kettle Corn if anyone is interested.

Here's a really easy recipe for Kettle Corn if anyone is interested.
1 tbsp Coconut Oil, 1/3 cup Popcorn, 2 tbsp sugar, and salt to taste.

Melt your coconut oil on medium heat. Drop in 1 kernel of popcorn. When that kernel pops you're ready to add the rest of the popcorn and sugar. Attach the lid and stir like crazy!

As soon as it has stopped popping dump it into your serving bowl. If it stays in the hot popper it might burn.


    Yesterday was the first successful batch I have made on my own! No burnt kernels here! No burnt Sunnys either. I usually have Phillip make this for me because hot grease freaks me out,  since he's taller his face is not as close to the popping grease as mine is. 

  That's all I have for today!


Halfway to our 2013 goal!

Thursday, June 13, 2013
      I just have to say I'm pretty excited. Our personal debt payoff goal for this year was $30,000, it seemed impossible. That's like the price of a new car, or half a house.

       Yesterday we hit the $15k mark. $15,071.41 if you want to get nit-picky.

       Now it feels like we will actually reach that goal which is pretty crazy.

       The even crazier thing is we haven't even done anything too radical. We're not selling our plasma or dumpster diving. Just living in a cheap crappy apartment, driving really old cars, cooking at home most of the time, and taking our lunches to work.  I thought I would be super controlling of our electric bill during the summers but when I get hot, I get cranky. When I get cranky, I cry for no reason. It's ugly and I don't like it. We turn the thermostat down in the evenings to a level that doesn't make us want to maim each other.

      We've faltered on the cooking/going out thing quite a bit but are trying to get back on track.

      Now for my celebratory dance!

Really? No dancing?

Much better!
 In other exciting news I'm teaching a free budgeting class tonight for the first time. I'm excited but kind of nervous because I'm a really crappy teacher. We'll see how that goes!

  Have a good day!