Fish Fingers and Custard

Saturday, November 23, 2013
      I've embraced being a nerd from a very young age. Really before I even knew what it meant. We recently discovered the vlogbrothers on Youtube, and I think John Green made a spot on assessment of what it means to be a nerd. They're pretty awesome, you should go check them out.

  I tried to hide it in high school because the things I like aren't necessarily "cool". I was enthusiastic about musicals, theatre, David Bowie, science, Tim Curry, and Harry Potter. After awhile I met other people who liked the same stuff I liked and weren't embarrassed by it at all. It helped me come out of my shell and realize I can be pretty excited about stuff and not really care what other people thing. That is pretty awesome.  

 Today is the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, something I'm relatively new to nerding about (thank you to Saskia and Becca for making me watch it!). I'm pretty excited about today,  I love theme parties and I love costumes. Also I love baking fun things. 

 Like these T.A.R.D.I.S. blue cupcakes with bow ties:

The Fish Fingers and Custard are pretty fun too:

 Do you have any fun plans for today?

Cars go 'Vroom'. Unless they're mine...

Thursday, November 21, 2013
  My car goes "squeak, squeak, knock, knock, knock." I'm no mechanic but I'm pretty sure that's not how they're supposed to sound.

 Phillip didn't think so either. Last week my Nissan took a trip to the mechanic, we were thinking "we know it needs new struts, that's probably all it is."

 Turns out if you have a car in Michigan and don't wash the salt solution off of it, the bottom has a tendency to just kind of rust out. Yes, my car needs new struts but he mentioned something about just 2 metal bars holding the engine up and having to go to an auto body shop and pay $3,000 to fix it.

 I only paid $1,300 for this car to begin with. I'm not going to pay $3,000 to fix it. 

 We spent the weekend going to various car dealerships and were sneered at from pretty much everyone. Why? Because we would tell them the budget we're working with. Apparently if you're not financing a newer car or buying something really expensive they really don't care to help you. Instead they like to say "Well, you're not going to find anything for that price, but come look at this car that's only $3,000 more than you want to spend. You can get really low payments."  What? Are you even listening?


 So now I think we're going the private seller route, I'm scouring Craigslist, Carsoup, and Autotrader in hopes of finding something that will last us a few years until our student loans are paid off. 

 Being an adult is not all it's cracked up to be. 

Our New Abode

Tuesday, November 12, 2013
  This is my 100th post! That's pretty snazzy.

  My parents and aunt came down to visit us last week and they finally got to see our new apartment. We moved in toward the end of September but finally finished decorating last week. The garage is still messy but I'm working on a sign that says "Creative Clutter > Idle Neatness." That should excuse the mess well enough for us.

  Now, on with the pictures!
This is the living room (obviously) in our old apartment.

New Apartment! After a year and a half I finally managed to print some wedding pictures.

Old bedroom

New Bedroom

 The only decor we bought for the living room are the picture frames and prints. The rest is stuff we already had, just arranged differently or in a different room.  

 Most of you who read this know Phillip, but if you don't he's about 6'3 and loves sleeping in a cocoon of 7-8 pillows. We have been talking about getting a king size bed for about 6 months because I always felt like I was falling off the edge and my back was starting to hurt. So we went ahead and bought a bigger bed and bedding for it. Now we have a proper guest bedroom for friends and family. No more air mattresses! 

 I bought the bedding from, if you've never shopped there you should check it out. They have lots of great stuff at really good prices. 

 I really think the biggest difference is that the walls are painted with a better quality paint and have a nicer color to them than the cheap white paint the apartment complex used. We couldn't even clean the walls because the paint would come off onto your sponge. 

  This post is mostly for my mom, she didn't see the complete finished product while she was here.

  What's your favorite decorating tip?