Grocery Shopping 8/17/14

Monday, August 18, 2014
In order to keep my grocery budget in check I'm going to start posting them here again. Boring for you to read? Yes. Maybe keep me accountable? Yes.

The local food pantry was hosting a food drive outside Walmart when I went. I always buy some canned food items to donate when they are hosting these. I'm going to bold the donated items so I can keep track. Kroger had chicken on sale for $1.99/lb. I bought 4 packages and split them up to freeze when I got home.

 Great Value egg noodles - $1.50
 Sub Sandwich Rolls -        $2.74
 Tomato Sauce/No Salt      $0.88 X 2
 Cream of Mushroom         $1.00
 Ranch Dressing                 $3.92
 Red Grapes                      $1.94
 Bananas                           $1.50
 Great Value oatmeal         $1.62
 Chicken Ravioli                $0.98 x 2
 Spaghettios                      $0.54 x 4
 Total = $21.72

Kale                                $0.99
Baby Spinach                  $2.49
Carrots                            $0.89
Toffee Ice Cream            $1.67
Boars Head Provolone    $3.25
Boars Head Honey Ham  $7.99
Feminine Products           $1.89
Granny Smith Apples       $4.00
Hot Sauce                       $1.19
Mushrooms                     $0.89
2 bell peppers                 $1.78
Watermelon                    $3.49
Perdue Chicken              $8.94

Flour Tortillas                $1.19
Cantaloupe                    $0.99
Onions                          $1.89
Gold Potatoes               $2.99
Mozzarella                    $1.99 x 2
Skim Milk                     $2.89
Wheat Bread                $1.29
Butter                           $2.99
Celery                          $1.29
Sour Cream                  $1.29
Bacon                           $3.99
Total= $26.70

Grand total (with donated items)=$91.21
Grand Total (without donated items) = $85.47

Budgeted amounts was $80.00 but I stocked up on chicken. Not terribly shabby!    

Money Making Apps

Sunday, August 17, 2014
 I've read about a lot of different apps and websites that can be used to earn points toward gift cards for different retailers. I'm going to discuss a couple of them today. Some I have used and some I haven't but I encourage you to give them a shot!

 I've used swagbucks for several years. You complete surveys and watch videos to earn points. Once you have earned a certain number of points you can cash it in for a gift card. You can get a $5 amazon card for 450 points. There are tons of websites online to optimize your time spent on swagbucks.

 Today I downloaded the Perk TV app on my tablet. There are quite a few ladies on the forums I frequent who use this app. It runs ads and trailers on your device and gives you points while it's working. I've heard it works the best when you aren't planning to use your device and you can just let it run. I plan to try that for awhile at night to see how well it works.

 Walmart recently introduced the new Savings Catcher app. Today after going grocery shopping I decided to download it on my tablet. There are other apps out there to help you save money while grocery shopping but most require a smart phone. This one does not. All you have to do is create an account and type in the TC# from your receipt. If a lower price is found you'll receive the difference on a Walmart eGift Card. I'm not sure how well this will actually work for us because I rarely buy name brand items. Here is a list of FAQ's about the program.

 There is another app that I want to put on Phillip's phone. The ibotta app gives you points toward gift cards for completing different tasks. I've heard good reviews but haven't tried it yet.

 Do you have any favorite apps or websites you use to earn gift cards or points? If you're interested in trying either the Perk TV or SwagBucks programs please use my referral codes listed below. We'll both get points!

Swagbucks Referral
Perk Referral

Emotions and Getting Off Track

Recently I haven't been paying too much attention to our spending. We have been mostly adhering to our budget but not really strictly following it. I think it's mostly because I feel like we're never going to make any progress so why bother. I'm just tired of it, I want our student loans to just be gone.

 I know the real reason I'm feeling like this is because I'm still pretty depressed from the loss of our baby. I don't feel like I'm going to be able to really start healing until the due date passes. We were also hoping to be pregnant again by the time our due date gets here but as of now that hasn't happened yet.

 So because I'm feeling depressed if I feel like something will make me feel better then I will go ahead and buy it. New foundation? Maybe that will make me feel better. No? What about these jeans? Still not working? Maybe if I do this I'll feel better.

 So far the only thing that has really reduced my stress and made me feel actually happy was going on vacation. We spent most of our days snorkeling and it was so relaxing. Too bad I can't do that every day!

 We've still been making more than our minimum payments on our loans but we definitely aren't putting as much toward them as we could be.

 I feel like if our debt free date was closer I would have more motivation. I'm just tired of not getting anywhere. I'm angry that without student loans we would be able to save about $20,000/year. It's just all very frustrating.

 We threw an $1,100 snowball at SallieMae today. That felt nice.

Off to write a happier post. I'm really not as miserable as this is making me sound, I'm just really frustrated right now.