Weekly Menus

On this page I'm planning to post weekly menus with a cost breakdown. Enjoy!

I'm actually not quite sure how to add new posts to each page or if I keep one page and update it with new info. This will require some research :)

Anyhow after I got off of work on Monday I decided to run by the grocery store for 'a few things'. I don't fully know how much more I spend by doing a few trips a week for 'a few things' although I'm sure it's quite a lot! One of the top money saving tips is Stay out of the store!!! If you don't go shopping you don't spend money, seems pretty logical! Phillip gets off of work 30 minutes after me so I had him meet me at the store, while contemplating what to have for dinner I decided that while we were in the store we would find an out of the way corner and make a menu for the entire week and buy only those things and our separate breakfast and lunch items. I have to say we're a pretty fair couple and we go 'halvsies' on basically everything. Here is our menu for this week:

Monday - Pesto and Mozzarella Paninis
Tuesday - Homemade chicken fingers and fries
Wednesday - Meatloaf, Mashed Potatoes, Green beans (<- for Phillip) Baked Potato (<- for Sunny)
Thursday - Beef Stroganoff and Corn (<- for Phillip) Baked Potato (<-for Sunny)
Friday - Quesodillas and renting The King's Speech
Saturday - Lunch - Sandwiches, Dinner - Manicotti and Garlic Knots.
Sunday - Out to Eat.

This was our original plan, note the food differences for the two of us. I have finally conceded to cooking beef for Phillip. I don't like beef, it gives me the heebie jeebies. He has finally worn me down on this, so now the agreement is I'll cook it but I don't have to eat it!

After I got home from the grocery store I decided to go really crazy. By this I mean I took it upon myself to calculate the cost/serving of each meal. So here it is!

Monday - Paninis $.98/serving (1 sandwich)
Tuesday - Chicken Tenders & Fries $1.80/serving (4 tenders)
Wednesday- Meatloaf w/sides $1.18/serving
Thursday - Stroganoff w/sides $2.19/serving
Friday - Quesodillas $1.06/serving (2 Quesodillas)
Saturday - Sandwiches $? (I didn't calculate because we have everything on hand)
Saturday - Manicotti &Garlic Knots $3.01/Serving (3 shells)
Sunday - Lunch Out $5.99/person

This menu includes going out on Sunday (we typically go out with friends after church) but today while we were in Aldi to buy Popsicles (I know, I know, stay out of the store Sunny!) we found a really good deal on ham, it was regularly $1.19/lb but they had a special of $5 off any ham so we bought a 10lb ham for $5 or $.50/lb! Now that was a good buy because next week when we plan our menus we can plan around using the leftovers!

I really think this will make a difference in how we eat, hopefully encouraging us to eat more healthily (I abhor veggies). Since I've started dating Phillip I've actually learned to like new foods, or at least try them! I've learned to like ham, chicken, potato soup, various spices, hot food, and I'm sure there has to be something else! I think this summer we will focus on trying new veggies, I was a spoiled only child and if I even said I didn't like something I wasn't forced to eat it. I think maybe trying fresh, local veggies will be good, veggies in a can kind of weirds me out, so do cooked veggies.

I guess since this seems like it doesn't let you post multiple posts on these pages after a week I will move this into the blog section and put in my new menu! I hope this is something you all can use!